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T.S. Toren is a community built for families everywhere. Whether Single parented, Blended, divorced or two parented; you are welcome here. Founded on the belief that families can come in many different shapes and sizes; "normal" is what you make it. Whether utilizing our first book, A Path To You, and its corresponding Journal, My Story, both geared towards Single Parents. Enjoying our Informational Content on Youtube. Or scrolling through our Facebook for the latest jokes and Instagram for inspiration, we are all things parenting. Our goal is to inspire, educate, entertain, and encourage parents globally. we are t.s. Toren.



The Path To You

Being a single parent can come with its own set of challenges. Society, for one, can be unkind, unforgiving, and judgmental. However, nothing can compare to the sound of your own voice, screaming words of shame and criticism. With the help of the self-guided journal, My Story, dive deeper into the issues that plague your mind. Give yourself permission to release the preconceived ideals you have carried with you for so long. Dare to forgive yourself for traumas left untreated. And take the step towards being the best version of yourself you can be. Not only for your family, but also for you.


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